Thursday, August 26, 2010

Television's Role in a Filipino Household

Appliances that create entertainment, mainly the television set, have a particular role in the everyday life of Filipinos. Because most of the people belong to the lower class, families receive insufficient income to afford leisure such as strolling in the mall with the family and watch movies in a theater. Essentially, families resort to buying television sets instead of going to the malls to watch a movie just to save money in the long run. They don't have to buy the branded and more expensive models, as long as it serves the purpose of entertaining them.

TV Sets are considered to be a key appliance for the reason that it is the main medium of entertainment in the household. All the family members and guests, including those in the upper class of the society, gather around the living room to watch their awaited "Tele-Novela" during prime time, Noontime Show, or the evening news. In the Philippines, homes cannot be whole without the appliances that give them entertainment day in and day out. Everyone come together and gather around the living room to watch TV programs. And it is the TV Set that creates this one of a kind amusement.

TV Sets come in different types. Conventional and Flat TV, LCD TV, LED TV, Plasma TV, 3D TV and more. No matter where you belong in the society, may it be in lower class or upper class; you will enjoy the entertainment that others also experience. It is also the one thing that connects families from time to time. ENTERTAINMENT - This is the role of the television in the everyday life of a family in the Philippines. Truly, a TV Set is one of the most important appliances today.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Right Appliance Store in the Philippines

Retailing appliances, both major and minor brands, is regarded as one of the most successful businesses in Philippine industry today. Selling products ranging from the simplest domestic appliance, to complex and high-end appliance, everything to suit our way of life and bring convenience to our households. And as a customer, we "bang for the buck". People's approach is to purchase efficiently; that we get the best value for our money. As a result, we get to be so inquisitive when choosing the best home appliances for us, we get to be selective what brand and where to purchase the item.  

Choosing the right brand wouldn't be a problem as most retail stores bear every brand in the market, it's picking the right store that will be the harder part. Store's reputation would be vital: It is important that a consumer would take into consideration and be particular in selecting a retail appliance store. There are a lot of players in the appliance industry, both big and small companies, but only a few provide not only quality products, but most especially, first-rate after sales support.     

Now the question would be how will you know which stores are the best and have made a name for themselves?

Check the following:
  1. Surf the internet and find the company's history/background
  2. Ask relatives and peers on their opinion about the store you chose.
  3. Make sure the store has good customer service.
Which brings us to... The after sales service:

This aspect in choosing an appliance store usually is being overlooked as most customers are, more often than not, drawn in by the cheap prices and "sales talk". For example, many stores are very good at selling, offering special privileges and promotions that are very alluring. But by the time something goes wrong with the appliance you bought from that store, fingers are pointing everywhere. It would look as if we are left in the middle of nowhere. Fixing the defective item bought from their store would usually take a month, or longer.

Or worse, if they would ask us to purchase another item, a different model, for a more expensive price compared to our previous transaction.

Good grief!  Priority is on customer experience: In contrast, there are stores who treat their customers the way they should be treated. This is the kind of appliance store who exceeds customer's expectations, who pushes the boundaries of customer relationship. Not only their quality products, but also their excellent after sales service is what gives them the competitive edge and separates them from their competitors by a huge gap. It typically starts from constant contact with their customers right after the purchase. This kind of stores make phone calls regularly to check if the customers are satisfied with the product they bought, and at the same time, to ensure that the appliance is in good condition.

And if it will come the time that something goes wrong with the item, they are up to the job and complete the repair in no time - all for 101% quality service and personalized customer care. Despite the fact that people will have a tough time identifying which one is the best appliance store because of the many promises most of them offer, we should always pick those who have an outstanding reputation in terms of both products and services. Look for an appliance store that empathizes with the consumers - a store that could bring comfort to us and to our homes

Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Nokia V50 Firmware

Hi! It's me Joan again and I am not going to sell you computers, furniture, appliances or motorcycles in the Philippines! But I am going to tell you about the latest NOKIA update... Totally off my regular topics.

If you remember my old post about voiding your Nokia warranty, then here's another reason why you should really change your product code.

Nokia recently released a new Firmware upgrade.  So, of course, I immediately upgraded my firmware to the latest version and I really love it!!!  Now I have the V50.

What's new? Well, I guess the best feature is the kinetic main menu! This was not available in the V40 upgrade.  Now even my main menu has kinetic scrolling!

You will also notice that the music player's layout is nicer.  I love my phone more than ever!

Go Nokia!

Now back to my advertisement:  If you have relatives or loved ones in the Philippines and you would like to give them gifts like computers, furniture, appliances and motorcycles, then go visit EMCOR!  The number one retail appliance store in the Philippines!

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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Home Appliance Online Market

Buying home appliances in the Philippines is now made easier, as more and more appliance retail companies have pushed the envelope further in terms of providing quality product and services to their valued customers. Most of these companies have now employed the use of the internet and has fashioned informative websites to showcase their products and services online. Both repeat buyers and probable customers alike can instantly shop right in the luxury of their homes with just a click of a button.

Moreover, as appliance retail companies continue to harness the potentials of the online market and innovate marketing through the use of websites, doing so has provided a great deal of convenience to many Filipinos overseas. Through these websites, Filipinos abroad can easily buy home appliances for their loved ones back in the Philippines without having to shell out cash, or having to wait until their return home; thus, saving an ample amount of time, effort and at the same time, money. In addition, these efforts by the appliance retail companies open new opportunities for these Filipinos abroad to show how much they really care for their loved ones even from a long distance.

Now, when buying home appliances in the Philippines, either domestically or from overseas, one must be very particular on choosing the right appliance retail store. A store that provides quality products, efficient service, and with a good reputation to back it all up should always be taken into consideration so that hard earned money will never go to waste.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Void Your Nokia 5800 Warranty (But you get the v40 firmware)

I recently bought a Nokia 5800 phone. I am very happy with the features and the capabilities. I once had a 21-hour session with the phone just to discover its limits.

Just this week, the Nokia 5800 firmware update v40.0.005 was released. Exciting new features include:
  • 5530 homescreen
  • kinetic scrolling (dream come true for most users including yours truly)
  • QWERTY-landscape/multi-tap-portrait auto change
  • plus a host of other programs
The whole blogging community was abuzz with this long-awaited update and I'm sure many have already tried downloading the update.
The bad news is: it is available only to a limited number of phone products...

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Annoying Text Messages from Suncellular 205

SMS or text messaging has got to be one of the best innovations offered to the public. With us Filipinos being so kuripot with our expenses, the P1 charge per text message is actually heaven sent.

Then came SunCellular! With their unlimited texts and talk time, cellphone users have become more and more "talkative!" I bless SunCellular for being so generous with their offers and I challenge other cellphone companies to do the same. SunCellular is a classic example of competition in action! Not like the Big 3 oil companies... (well, this is another topic). I have actually discontinued my Globe and Smart subscriptions because they just add to my unnecessary expenses. I now have two SunCell postpaid lines.

But, unfortunately, with great offers come great nuances. Especially spam text messages from the same company that I have grown to love.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Another day gone... will be back soon!